Special Rules

  1. Student should carry his / her Almanac to school every day.
  2. Parents are requested to avail of the school bus facilities for their children.
  3. Class Teacher’s Period (CPT) signals all to go to their respective classrooms, in an orderly manner and with silence. Students must prepare for the class assembly as soon as they are in their classes.
  4. Students should move in an orderly way while changing classrooms without creating any disturbances for other classes.· School Bags are not to be carried while changing the classrooms
  5. The students are strictly advised to use school bags with a school monogram, available at the School Bookstore.
  6. Students are supposed to come to school neat and clean, wearing proper school uniforms. Students entering the school premises (other than any special occasion or event) without the appropriate uniform will face disciplinary action. They will not be allowed to attend classes or be sent home.
  7. Boys (other than Sikhs) should keep short hair adequately trimmed.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments to the School.
  9. No book (other than textbooks or library books), magazine, or paper is to be brought to school without the Class Teacher’s permission.
  10. Students are advised not to engage in a financial transaction or any activity involving lending, borrowing, or related to money inside the school premises.
  11. Students whom attendants accompany to the school should never leave school alone. In case of a delay, they should report to the School Office. Students must be picked up punctually after school hours. The School is not responsible for the students beyond the school premises.
  12. The school reserves the right to issue TC to students on the ground of interdisciplinary activities.
  13. Any student repeating a particular class for two consecutive years will be issued TC as per the CBSE Rules.
  14. Bursting crackers or splashing colours during Diwali/Holi or any other occasion on the school premises or school buses is strictly forbidden. Non-compliance with these instructions can result in expulsion from the School.
  15. Students should attend all festivals and functions that are celebrated in the school.
  16. Parents of students availing of the school bus must seek prior written permission from the Principal if they want to take their wards home with them after the school hours.
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